Monday, March 19, 2012

4th Street, Carroll Park, Bluff Heights, Belmont Shore area

4th Street, Carroll Park, Bluff Heights, Belmont Shore area- group blog

Our group plans to focus our efforts on the 2nd street and 4th street areas. On 2nd st., we plan to cover the chocolate festival and scavenger hunt events and get in-depth interviews with the business owners who are participating to see if these events help local businesses during a bad economy. Visuals on 2nd. street will focus on videos and stories that showcase the good/bad effects of running a business on 2nd. street. On both 2nd. and 4th st., we will focus on bike-friendly saturdays and how a bike-friendly community will is good for the reputation of long beach and also for businesses. Multi-media for bike-friendly Saturdays will include an interactive map of participating business with plenty of bike racks. We'll also take more photos and video. Lastly, we'll cover local bands that are being showcased on 4th street every wednesday on their emerging sounds of wednesday series for an audio podcast.

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