Friday, March 16, 2012

Central Long Beach: Mission Statement

     My group and I will cover everything South of PCH with the 710 on the West, and Junipero on the East. This is a Massive area, but one filled with stories. A few point of interest in out section are LBCC, the Museum of Latin American Art, The Pine Street corridor, the Atlantic corridor, and a small section West of the 710. It is this small area of a few dozen blocks that will likely present the most difficulties to coverage as it is an area without any popular destinations to focus on. We have started our plan by agreeing to all do out photo slide show on a relevant story in our area. -Patrick Moreno, of team Central (downtown).
Howard Smith smokes a cigarette outside his Westgate of long beach apartment, this photo was taken from a Press Telegram article from November of 2007 about residents living under the poverty line in Long Beach. Photo By Stephen Carr 

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