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Here is the North Long Beach blog website:

It was fun reporting on North Long Beach and learning about it. I felt like we were the leftover kids who got the leftover area that no one wanted to do. But we found out that there are many great and interesting things about North Long Beach and it is a really underrated part of the city. I personally will be spending more time up there.

Coco Tollini

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week #5: Coco Tollini

Leo and I met up on Thursday, May 3, to interview people in shops around the North Long Beach area outside of Bixby Knolls. Kristin met up with us after class. We interviewed two different businesses and took pictures of the area.

Then the following Sunday, May 6, Josh, Leo and I went to the Long Beach Community Action Group meeting where we got a lot of information on the North Long Beach community and the projects they are working on. It was held at the police station and we also got to learn about some of the occurrences that had happened in the past week. I also met Laurie Angel there who is a leader in starting a non-profit organization to fund business initiatives in North Long Beach. I later interviewed her about her non-profit org.

I present the link to the West Long Beach website

here it is:

Link to interactive map

Here is the link for the interactive map that Melissa Bell created for Downtown Long Beach:

2nd & 4th LINK
Week #5 Bianca Lemus
During week 5 my group and I returned to Hudson Park again to collect more interviews. This time we got some incredible interviews. During the interviews many of the interviewees preferred to speak in Spanish so I was a translator and interpreter. One of our most important interviews that day was an interview with an ex-truck driver, who told us about how the clean trucks law ended up coasting his job.  We also collected some great audio from a homeowner near the area, some sports moms, and a grumpy elderly man who was quite pessimistic about the ability to create change in the neighborhood.
West Side #4 Bianca Lemus
During week 4 I wrote my articles about the progress that Long Beach is having with their attempts to have a less polluted environment.  The first article was about a proposal for a study about green space and the elimination of the 104 freeway. The second article was about community organizations and residence members using YouTube as a way to get the attention of Warren Buffet.  In the video they ask him to stop the rail yards from expanding into their neighborhoods. Once the articles  were written I uploaded it to our WIX page and designed the layout of  page where my articles were going to be displayed.
West side #3 Bianca Lemus  
During week 3 my group scheduled an interview with Jessica Tovar and other community organizations in the North side of town.  Once I arrived they allowed me to sit and listen to their community organization meeting. After the meeting I interviewed Jessica Tovar a community Partner with Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma .  During the interview we touched base on the challenges with community activism, future plans to become green, pollution in air quality, truck driver issues, and refineries. Once I was done with the interview a copy of the interview were sent to my group members. I then uploaded the interview with Jessica Tovar to our wiki page. 
West Side #2 Bianca Lemus
Upload pictures from  
During week 2  Mark, Cynthia and I went to Hudson Park which is located next to a freeway  and a rail yard. The majority of the people at the park was Hispanics, and spoke in Spanish, many of them were hesitant to give us an interview. While we were there Mark took video and I conducted an interview with the only interview we were able to obtain that day. Cynthia took picture of the rail yard and freeway.  We proceeded to venture of further into the west side until we hit the port. At the port I took pictures of a truck yard, recycling center, and of all the surroundings. In total I took 78 pictures which would be used as B-roll for either the video or slideshow.  One of the things that I discovered on this assignment was that many of the people who played at Hudson Park barely were aware or cared about the pollution issues. Not one of them knew about the expansion of the rail yard in the community, even people who were raised in the area.
West Side Post #1 Bianca Lemus

For the first week of my assignment I compiled audio from a city council meeting on March 15, 2012 that I attended for my group. We decided as a team that the audio would contribute to our audio slide show which Cristina would be assigned . In order to better organized, I created a tape log for the audio interviews . The audio interviews include community members speaking about a study for green space that would be funded by Caltrans. There are also sounbites from LABACA and their community partners. Pictures that I took from the city council meeting  would also contribute to the audio slide show that Cynthia will be working on. LABACA  is present in many of the photos and Councilman James Johnson is in a couple of them pictures with children from The Villages at Cabrillo.

The Powerhouse

 Powerhouse: empowering children with autism

“I used to be so mean,” said Doug Kurtz as he walked his bike up the steps of the city-hall parking structure after a meeting in the council chambers.

The former punk-rocker turned street-artist and art-educator has found balance as an adult, and is working on helping children with autism and Asperger's syndrome treat their condition the same way he balanced out his own life: Through art.
Kurtz and a student painting in 2008, fom an article
published 2008 by the Signal Tribune. Photo: Cory Bilicko

Having worked with the Long Beach School District for 20 years, Kurtz puts enough credence in his theoretical approach to the treatment of autism-spectrum illnesses, that he's starting an art school for children with autism and Asperger's syndrome.  

The project, which Kurtz and his supporters have named, “The Powerhouse,” is a school of music, art, and dance for children with autism and Asperger's syndrome. 
just one proposed design for the Powerhouse, this one was
planned on the site of an old gang-house in Long Beach.
C. Doug Kurtz 2012

“I've gotten to see these kids come out and paint on the murals, and they make breakthroughs,” Kurtz said. “It's about them being recognized for contributing something beautiful to the community, and building a rapport with the outside world.”

Autism spectrum illnesses are pervasive developmental disorders usually characterized by deficiencies in communication for a variety of reasons. In short this means that autistic children tend to have problems communicating with, and hence relating to, people and situations.

Kurtz says that even brief periods of art therapy, are easily capable of allowing students with moderate and severe cases of autism to connect in unprecedented ways with their surroundings. By circumventing the more common modes of communication like complex speech, Kurtz has managed to break through to autistic children through ancient meditation techniques, mural painting, music lessons, and dance workshops. “This stuff also brings them a lot of joy,” Kurtz added, “where most traditional therapies for autism are based on repetition, and are kind of demeaning.”

Miss Sarah McGovern, a friend of Kurtz' and a program manager at the Foundation for Free Education, believes that the art-therapy Kurtz gives is much more exciting than a band-aid type temporary solution. “These students are undergoing neurological processes that are being stimulated by the activities they're doing,” McGovern said. “It's an area of interdisciplinary education that has a lot of potential for research.”

The Powerhouse received it's non-profit status this week, and Kurtz is still busy trying to hammer out an exact location for where the school will be.
Mission statement of the Powerhouse
C. Doug Kurtz 2012

Language Access

 Council members Steven Neal and Dee Andrews proposed in November 2011 that a universal language access policy be drafted to allow citizens that don't speak English greater opportunity for civic engagement.

The initiative, dubbed CD-6, was accepted unanimously at the November council meeting, but after a period of review that was supposed to last only 90 days, the Non profit groups charged with the task of drafting the policy have not yet returned a plan of action for the council to proceed with. Several groups including: The Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition, Housing Long Beach, CentroCha, and United Cambodian Community were included in the drafting of the policy.

In an article dated November 3, 2011 by staff of the Long Beach Post; Sarah Pol-Lim of the United Cambodian Community said, "Language access is the #1 barrier to the success of immigrant integration for the residents of Long Beach.”

Lim's feelings are resounded by Esther Del Valle, a graduate of the Downtown Long Beach Neighborhood Resource Center's leadership academy, who along with her sister Ana, strives to address the problems in her neighborhood near PCH and Atlantic. Esther Says in the video, “to be able to have them hear the voice of the community, and feel us, would be a grand opportunity.”

The initiative has been met with much criticism online in the comments sections of articles like the one above. The stance of more socially conservative citizens of Long Beach seems to be: The language barrier is not a problem of access, but an unwillingness of the immigrant in The United States to learn English.

City officials at the Neighborhood Resource Center where Esther was trained, as well as councilman Dee Andrews were reached for comment, but were unable to contribute as the council has yet to ratify a plan for the initiatives implementation.

Updates on this story will be posted to Centro CHA's facebook and twitter pages as they become available, with perspective from the policy-writers themselves.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Providing Opportunites and Renewing Hope

Long Beach Rescue Mission
By Brittany Hays and Bree Cahey

       On any given day, nearly 5,000 adults and children are homeless and living on the streets of Long Beach. Ridden by unemployment, hunger, sickness or addiction, these individuals often find themselves with nowhere else to turn. The Long Beach Rescue Mission off of Anaheim and Pacific Coast Highway has become one of most recognized facilities for the homeless in the area, with great opportunities for these individuals to help turn their lives around. 
Founded in 1972, the Long Beach Rescue Mission started as one of California’s few shelters for women and children. It now consists of two facilities - one for women and children, which currently holds about 25 women and 11 kids, and a men’s facility which holds about 120 guests with 60 members in the year-long New Life Program.
            Men are welcome to stay at the center for up to seven days with no commitment in order to fulfill everyday needs such as eating, showering, and sleeping. If they choose to seek further assistance, however, each house offers a 90-day Case management Program and year-long New Life Program.
            The Case Management Program is designed to help individuals get back on their feet and acclimated to working in society. Each participant is assigned a case manager, who sets goals specific to the client’s background, education and abilities.
            The New Life Program is a year-long program that consists of intensive counseling, Bible study, work therapy and education, to address the deeper issues each person may have. Each participant meets with a chaplain and/or case manager to progress through various phases of the program, which are designed to transform the “whole person.”
            The Long Beach Rescue Mission is a 501©3 faith-based non-profit organization, which does not receive any government funding. It instead relies on donors for financial and gift support, which come mostly from individuals, churches, foundations, businesses and other community groups. Some of these donors are Starbucks, Pavilions, Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club. 

Along with its programs, the shelter is open to any and all individuals who wish to grab a bite to eat, take a shower, or have a place to sleep for the night. Thanksgiving is one of their busiest days, as they served 1,000 free meals in two hours this past year.
“We never run out of food, which is an amazing thing,” says Volunteer Program Supervisor, Denise Carrillo.
            Denise has worked at the mission for two years and has been amazed at the progress she has seen from the individuals.
Guests can come and go as they please, but if they request a bed they need to talk to a case manager beforehand. 
The case manager talks with the guest and either implements a 90-Day Program or the New Life Program, which is a year-long commitment.  This allows the case manager to work with the guest’s one on one, to help guide them in finding work and eventually housing.
“We are not enablers or babysitters here, we hold everyone accountable,” says Carrillo. 
Long Beach Rescue Mission graduate, Alvin Doctrove
Alvin Doctrove, a graduate of the year-long program, says that the program and chaplain helped save his life.
“The next step was killing myself - I had lost everything,” Doctrove said. “I have the chaplain to thank for helping me get out of that bad place.”
Many at the shelter feel that the Chaplain speaks from a place of true understanding and encouragement, because he too came from a hard place. 
“I can only say so much to the guests, such as how bad addiction is - but I have never been there,” says Carrillo. “The guests look to Chaplain as a role model, because he proved that it is possible to hit rock bottom and turn things around.” 
“Our success rate with the guests isn’t as high as we would like it to be,” says Carillo, “but 99% of the time guests always come back - and that’s all we can hope for.”
Alvin, who now works as an apprentice for Denise and is a security guard at the facility, is living proof of the effectiveness of this program and how it has helped to turn his life around.
 “We want to end the cycle of homelessness,” says Carrillo.
The Long Beach Rescue Mission has proven that it is possible to make significant changes in the community and provide multiple services and opportunities to those in need.

For more information about the mission you can visit their website at
or call
(562) 591-1292.

You can also visit their website for Volunteering and Donation opportunities.

Decreasing Crime and Increasing Appeal in Downtown Long Beach

Decreasing Crime and Increasing Appeal           

By Sofia Yassine and Shannon Smythe

At the South Division Community Leadership meeting on Thursday, April 26, the Long Beach Police Department’s Commander John Benedetti spoke out to community leaders and concerned citizens about crime statistics, safety tips, and how the department is attempting to decrease crime trends while meeting the high demand for service.
“You [citizens] are the eyes and ears of the police department,” Benedetti said. “With your help we have a better idea of what is going on in the community and can address problems quickly. Never hesitate to call.”
            Dressed in head-to-toe uniform and sporting numerous pins representative of his extensive experience and achievements on the force, Benedetti spoke to the community as acting Commander of the Patrol Bureau’s Field Support Division for the last time. The meeting informed the public not only of the current work of the South Division, but that Commander Benedetti’s retirement after 32 years with the LBPD was to commence that evening.
Commander John Benedetti of the South Patrol Division of the LBPD
Photo Courtesy of
Having served on all four bureaus of the LBPD, including the East and North Patrol Divisions, SWAT, and the Internal Affairs Division, Benedetti tackled each citizen’s question during a public “Question and Answer” forum. Whether it was a driver concerned about the inattentive bikers who repeatedly cruise outside designated bike lanes, or a Spanish-speaking woman worried the previous tenant of her new residence was still accessing her apartment, Benedetti utilized the meeting to emphasize the importance of communication between the LBPD and the community, noting the correlation it has to decreasing the city’s crime.
            Commander Benedetti insisted that in order to avoid potential crime, citizens must always lock the doors and windows of their residences and vehicles, as well as remain aware of their surroundings and suspicious activity. He noted that many petty thefts of gadgets within the South Division had occurred due to a citizen being overly consumed with their Smartphone while walking down a crowded street.
            “If you see something or somebody suspicious, we want you to call. We want those suspicious characters to be too afraid that we’re coming to commit any crime, and that starts with you [the public].”
The South Division of Long Beach includes the areas between Cherry Ave. and the Los Angeles River, as well as Anaheim St. to Ocean Blvd. Its borders encompass the Pacific Ocean, the fine dining and attractions of The Pike and Shoreline Village, the East Village Arts District, new-age residential developments such as CityPlace, architectural landmarks of the city skyline like the Villa Riviera, and more.
            Although it is the smallest geographical division within the city, the South Division makes up the second highest volume of service calls received by the Long Beach Police Department annually. On average, it takes officers of the South Patrol Division 3.7 minutes to respond to the nearly 45,000 service calls placed within Downtown Long Beach every year.

The area encompassing the South Division of Long Beach includes attractions such as the Long Beach Harbor and the Pike

To meet the high demand for service, the South Division works to satisfy the three core functions of the LBPD, stated on their website as “rapid response to emergency calls for service, rapid identification and response to emerging crime trends, and working together with the community to solve persistent neighborhood problems.”
Thanks to increased efforts on the part of local community members and police officers, the South Division has seen improvement in crime over the past couple years. Long-time resident of Downtown Long Beach and 80-year old Navy Veteran Art McClean says, “My neighbors and I down at the Harbor Place Tower over on Seaside noticed less crime last year, and more police presence.”
            In 2011, there was a 19.4 percent decrease in murders from 2010. This is the lowest murder record since the LBPD began recording statistics. Comparing March of 2011 to March of 2012, burglaries have decreased by 6.9 percent and auto theft by 16 percent, however there was an overall increase in crime by 9.4 percent, with 2,119 crimes in 2011 compared to 2,324 crimes in 2012.
            While he acknowledged crime statistics serve logistical purposes for the LBPD, Marek Dzida, Hellada Gallery owner and commissioner of the Long Beach Art Walk, says the importance of citizen’s attention to these numbers are secondary.
            “Any downtown area of a city will have crime, no matter where in the world. It’s the urban environment, with tall buildings, alleyways, and lots of people on the sidewalks.”
            Dzida, a Polish photographer who came to the United States in 1996 to establish his own art gallery, has helped attract thousands of visitors and residents to the streets of Downtown Long Beach through events held at Hellada Gallery over the past 16 years. With the help of city officials, fellow businesses, donors, and residents, Dzida says he hopes the stigma of downtown as a dangerous place will continue to disappear.
            “Downtown is the heartbeat of a city. It’s where people come when they visit [the city] for the first time. In Long Beach, downtown has changed into a modern and bohemian-type place. I want people to see that.” 

here's a rough cut of the video we've been working on for our project.

The finished product and an accompanying text article are in their final stages of editing and will be posted by this evening.
pictured are: Doug Kurtz, Sarah Ann McGovern, and Peter Mathews.

Last Post

Print story for the scavenger hunt is done. Just working on the final written portion of the project and preparing for the presentation tomorrow.

Central Long Beach - Final Update

Since our tour at the Long Beach Rescue Mission last week each of our group members have been working on different aspects of our story from the great amount of information we were able to acquire. I am currently making final touches on the print article for this story and will be providing links within the story for further information and opportunities the facility offers.

- Brittany Hays

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

central long beach rough cut video

So here is a rough cut of our audio podcast that we did with one of the success stories at the homeless shelter. Hopefully this can count as a rough cut video for our group.

Monday, May 14, 2012

final update, north lb

Our group has pretty much finished our project. We finished up the the rest of our reporting last weekend. We have our rough cut video, 3 print articles which will have hyper links to our groups personal blog, and the audio slideshow.
 I finally have all the information I need now to finish the audio slideshow. The slideshow will cover District 9, which is the farthest north area in Long Beach. It will represent all of the difficulties this area is dealing with, through photos and narration. This district belongs to Councilman Neal, who we were able to interview. His information will be used to help narrate the slideshow, by covering what issues are hurting this district the most. I will have the slideshow completed by either Monday or Tuesday and ready to present on Thursday. It has been fun covering and learning about the diverse and interesting settings of North Long Beach.

Posted By:

Joshua Saylor

Final Post: 2nd & 4th Street

Everything is done, just working on the written portion requested and working on talking points for Thrusday! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Final update second street.

This week, I'm just putting the finishing touches on the group website. Everything is pretty much done and we should be ready to present on Thursday.

Friday, May 11, 2012

final update on central long beach

So as the week is wrapping up, my group is coming together on our project beautifully. Bree, Brittany and myself finally got to go on the tour of the homeless shelter on Pacific and Anaheim. It was amazing to  finally see the shelter and all of the wonderful work that they do for the community. We were not  only able to see how these poor individuals recieve access to food, shelter, and time to reciece another chance at life but, we were also able to listen to a success story from a former resident of the shelter. Alvin who once found himself living under a bridge of the 710 freeway, now works as an aprentice at the shelter. My group is now working on an audio slideshow, a podcast, and a print story to go along with the video stories that are tied to our group theme of "ACCESS" in the central long beach community.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

6th Update: Downtown Long Beach

Our final project is almost finished. Each of us have our designated jobs and are finishing up. Sofia and I are working on the text article and finding some crime statistics and related sites to use as our hyperlinks. Zinaida is adding a voice over in our audio slideshow and Melissa and David are finishing up the final edit of the video.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

6th blog update: Downtown Long Beach

I am currently working on finishing the slideshow from this past saturday's 4th annual Long Beach bike fest. I need to add some narration and captions as well as some music. David is still working on the video of the artwalk with the three interviews, Melissa is finishing up the interactive part of the project with a map and Sofia and Shannon are working on writing the text article on the police forum they recently attended which has to do with crime in downtown Long Beach.

-Zinaida Georgiev

Final Downtown Long Beach Update

Our presentation is nearly complete.  The text article with links included is being finished this week by Shannon and Sofia.  Melissa is working on a website to also include as a supporting piece to the article.  The audio slideshow has all the photos ready.  The only thing left is for Zinaida to adjust the sound portion.  The video presentation is the main part that is left.  I will be organizing the interviews from the Long Beach Artwalk, which were taken weeks ago, to fit the 2 minute time limit and resemble a news broadcast.  This will be finished by the end of the weekend.

Monday, May 7, 2012

5th Update: Downtown Long Beach

Sofia and I will be finishing up the text article this week on crime trends in Long Beach. We will also have interactive links connecting to related articles. Melissa and David got their additional footage over the weekend and are finishing up the final video. Zinaida is finishing up the audio slideshow.

West Long Beach

After interviewing Professor Monaco, our group re-visited the West Long Beach neighborhood to gather some more community voice concerning the ports and proposed expansion. I'm in the process of putting together the final written pieces regarding SCIG the railway which is proposed to be built across from schools and parks in the West Long Beach area, and my second piece deals with the statistical background information explaining why this issue is important.

central long beach update

So we met last week for our tour of the homeless center on Pacific and Anaheim. When I walked into the center I was greeted by one woman who told me that the tour would have to be rescheduled because the woman who was going to take us on the tour was having a medical emergency. Then paramedics arrived so we had to leave. We are trying to figure out if we can still get something with that center or if  we should just find another center. We are in the meantime going to find some stories for print.

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Sylvia Mejia and her group week by week

1st week for Sylvia Mejia.

My group and I were assigned central Long Beach. I know this post is late, but I am not even sure if I had posted a first blog or simple spoken what and where we were assigned. .

2nd week for Sylvia Mejia.

My group and I thought that the port was in our jurisdiction so I scheduled a few interviews. i was initially going to interview Jessica Tovar with the Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma. I was also going to interview Dave Wong. He is the PR representative for the port. I was referred to him by one of the harbor commissioners from the port. However, I had to cancel these interviews as my group and I later found out the port was not in our jurisdiction.

3rd week for Sylvia Mejia.

My group and I really just brainstormed several ideas. There were a few complications with the jurisdiction not being very clear. Most of my group members are not from Long Beach and we aren't very familiar with it.

I posted week 4 in another post.

5th week for Sylvia Mejia.

In my last blog, separate from this one, I had written about going to the Long Beach Rescue Mission. The place is located on PCH an dPacific. An interview was conducted earlier this week. The interviewee gave a tour of the place as well as providing my group with some resources and information. My group and I are working on putting this together in video and audio. There will also be a written piece. This is one thing out of several ideas we will be tying together. For example, we are also covering some stuff with an artist who works with autistic kids. I look forward to the next blog and my group presentation.

5th Update: 2nd Street

This week I have been working on the interactivity to accompany our story about the 2nd Street Scavenger Hunt.  I recreated the scavenger hunt forms in Photoshop to remove the ads and make it more readable for the viewer.  On the left are the circles with the business names in them and the right has a list of the clues participants were given to match to the different businesses.  I will be putting this file into Flash and creating interactivity that will allow readers to scroll over the clues on the right and view the answer to each clue.  They will then be able to click on the circles with the businesses on them on the left and be taken to the website of that particular business to find out more information about them.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

5th update

So this week I put together the final cut of the video and recorded some voiceover for it to give the whole thing the context it needs. I'm also putting together a group website and posting everything on there. In addition, I'm looking at everyone's pieces to make sure it all comes together and letting them know if they need to make changes or add anything. Everything should be posted and finished soon.

Downtown Long Beach

This weekend we will be wrapping up most of our presentation.  Shannon and Sofia have nearly completed the text article, which will also contain links connecting the reader to other useful articles.  Melissa and I will be taking additional footage this weekend fto add to the audio slideshow.  I will also begin editing the rough cut of the video to make it look like more of a broadcast piece.  Zinaida is working on putting the audio slideshow together.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Downtown 5th Update

This week I will be using the information collected from the LBPD meeting to put together a text article. Shannon and I hope to gather information from recordings we got at the meeting about community members concerns, how the police have been working closely together with the community to reduce crime, etc. While we work on the text article, the other group members are finishing up the slide show, interactivity piece, and adding/editing the for the final cut of the video.

-Sofia Yassine

Downtown update #5 Melissa Bell

This week we are finishing up on all of our projects. I am in charge of creating a interactive map to showcase in our presentation. At first I thought this would be difficult but I found a application online to help me. I will also be attending the Long Beach Bike Festival this Saturday and take pictures and b roll for our slideshow. I cant believe were almost finished! Its going to be exciting to see everyone and their end results!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Central Long Beach--Bree Cahey

Me and two other group members had an appointment to have a tour of the homeless shelter for one of our stories.  However, when we got there an ambulance was outside for the lady who was supposed to give us the tour.  We are going to try to go back next week, or look into other homeless shelters in our neighborhood.  The video footage from the tour was supposed to be for our 90 to 120 second rough cut video, but we won't be able to do that until next week.  We also still plan on visiting a soup kitchen within the next few days for our print story.

05.03 Blog

This week, I got in contact with the founder of EverettAndrew, a marketing firm in Long Beach. I interviewed him about the Long Beach Scavenger Hunt as well as a few employees from some of the participating businesses. I completed a print story on the Hunt for our project. I also researched all the businesses in the hunt in order to complete the game card. I gave all my notes to Cosette so she can make the game card interactive. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5th Update: Downtown Long Beach

We have decided to split up the work within our group. Melissa and David will put together the video while also working on the interactive part of the project. Melissa and Shannon will do the text article and most likely focus it on crime in downtown Long Beach. I (Zinaida) will put together the audio slideshow with the pictures taken from the police forum. We are also considering going to the bike festival this saturday and taking more footage.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

North LB Update

My group and I are still working on a story about businesses in Bixby Knolls. This week we intend to tread further north into the north Long Beach area and capture the essence of the more impoverished areas of the city. In this story about the northernmost part of  Long Beach we'll include a slideshow to attend our print story.

Leonardo Poareo