Monday, May 14, 2012

final update, north lb

Our group has pretty much finished our project. We finished up the the rest of our reporting last weekend. We have our rough cut video, 3 print articles which will have hyper links to our groups personal blog, and the audio slideshow.
 I finally have all the information I need now to finish the audio slideshow. The slideshow will cover District 9, which is the farthest north area in Long Beach. It will represent all of the difficulties this area is dealing with, through photos and narration. This district belongs to Councilman Neal, who we were able to interview. His information will be used to help narrate the slideshow, by covering what issues are hurting this district the most. I will have the slideshow completed by either Monday or Tuesday and ready to present on Thursday. It has been fun covering and learning about the diverse and interesting settings of North Long Beach.

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Joshua Saylor

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