Friday, May 11, 2012

final update on central long beach

So as the week is wrapping up, my group is coming together on our project beautifully. Bree, Brittany and myself finally got to go on the tour of the homeless shelter on Pacific and Anaheim. It was amazing to  finally see the shelter and all of the wonderful work that they do for the community. We were not  only able to see how these poor individuals recieve access to food, shelter, and time to reciece another chance at life but, we were also able to listen to a success story from a former resident of the shelter. Alvin who once found himself living under a bridge of the 710 freeway, now works as an aprentice at the shelter. My group is now working on an audio slideshow, a podcast, and a print story to go along with the video stories that are tied to our group theme of "ACCESS" in the central long beach community.

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