Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sylvia Mejia and her group week by week

1st week for Sylvia Mejia.

My group and I were assigned central Long Beach. I know this post is late, but I am not even sure if I had posted a first blog or simple spoken what and where we were assigned. .

2nd week for Sylvia Mejia.

My group and I thought that the port was in our jurisdiction so I scheduled a few interviews. i was initially going to interview Jessica Tovar with the Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma. I was also going to interview Dave Wong. He is the PR representative for the port. I was referred to him by one of the harbor commissioners from the port. However, I had to cancel these interviews as my group and I later found out the port was not in our jurisdiction.

3rd week for Sylvia Mejia.

My group and I really just brainstormed several ideas. There were a few complications with the jurisdiction not being very clear. Most of my group members are not from Long Beach and we aren't very familiar with it.

I posted week 4 in another post.

5th week for Sylvia Mejia.

In my last blog, separate from this one, I had written about going to the Long Beach Rescue Mission. The place is located on PCH an dPacific. An interview was conducted earlier this week. The interviewee gave a tour of the place as well as providing my group with some resources and information. My group and I are working on putting this together in video and audio. There will also be a written piece. This is one thing out of several ideas we will be tying together. For example, we are also covering some stuff with an artist who works with autistic kids. I look forward to the next blog and my group presentation.

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