Thursday, May 17, 2012

West Side #2 Bianca Lemus
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During week 2  Mark, Cynthia and I went to Hudson Park which is located next to a freeway  and a rail yard. The majority of the people at the park was Hispanics, and spoke in Spanish, many of them were hesitant to give us an interview. While we were there Mark took video and I conducted an interview with the only interview we were able to obtain that day. Cynthia took picture of the rail yard and freeway.  We proceeded to venture of further into the west side until we hit the port. At the port I took pictures of a truck yard, recycling center, and of all the surroundings. In total I took 78 pictures which would be used as B-roll for either the video or slideshow.  One of the things that I discovered on this assignment was that many of the people who played at Hudson Park barely were aware or cared about the pollution issues. Not one of them knew about the expansion of the rail yard in the community, even people who were raised in the area.

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