Tuesday, February 7, 2012



This article from the New York Times covering an aspect of the Palestinian Conflict includes as story as it was written for print, pictures, video as well as an opportunity for users to leave feedback. This shows how convergence can help create a story. The picture and worked most likely appeared in print, but with the Internet they were able to bring in the video as well as ask for feedback by the readers.

The Walt Disney company is an excellent example of industrial media convergence. The company that started out very small has now become one of the largest corporations in the world. It owns many of the top channels in televisions and also has expanded into many other businesses. It is involved in almost every aspect of media avaliable.

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  1. The Palestinian feature nicely illustrates multimedia journalism. Certainly, the Disney company is a "converged" media outlet, but your blog entry could use elaboration...Did it start out "very small"? What other media companies does it own now, and how does this impact its ability to produce and disseminate media?...