Tuesday, February 7, 2012


 The text book says textbook states, mass convergence and coverage across many different platforms allows the media to accommodate to  audiences who are looking for news on a new social and technological level. The news of  Super Model Gisele Bundchen, the wife of NFL Patriot's player Tom Brady  is a great example of multimedia journalism. The fact that Gisele was bad talkthing her husband's team for "playing badly" is  a big story in the world of sports and entertainment news do to the fact that they are very popular individuals . This story was covered across multiple different platforms television, newspaper,  blogs,radio, social media websites from sports like espn and entertainment news like TMZ. In this particular article The Seattle Times  joined themselves to another news source in order to report ont he story, they references from the website TheInsider.com.The article includes a comment area for the readers and allows them also to share the article though social media outlets, and the picture is acredited to a photographer from another company aswell ( Getty Images).  Immediacy for news coverage allows multiple channels of news to collaborate with each other in order  to report on stories.  

  Multimedia journalism as "the practice of gathering news and reporting it across multiple media cross ownership." It utilizes  requires many platforms in order to get news to audience in multiple forms. An example of multimedia journalism would be the TheInsider.com website because it incorporates different kinds of multimedia to report a story.

Celebrities are the focus in this website, which utilizes video sections, photo slideshows, polls, and articles which all gives the reader interactivity in the form they choose to receive it. It also was social media connections so you can share the sections of the website that interests you.


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  1. Your example about the Patriots does not quite fit the definition of convergent journalism. Just because multiple media outlets cover the same story, convergence is not coming into play. If two media outlets shared resources to cover the story, that would be convergence. (The Seattle Times quoted another media outlet, it didn't work with it.)

    The Insider.com, on the other hand, is a good example of multimedia journalism!

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