Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cynthia Casarez

Multimedia journalism

Multimedia journalism takes several aspects of the storytelling process, such as print and still or video photography and incorporates them into a news package. This means that the different elements are used to tell the same story, it's essential to use the different formats because the different formats cater to different needs. In the example Motorola Droid Razr Maxx review,there is both a online story and video element. The written aspect allows for more in depth analysis and background information, while the video component allows for visual aid and the story can be told much quicker. For the type of story that was presented, which was a review of a cell phone it was necessary to use video so that the journalist could show exactly what it is he was talking about, although the print story provided a lot of detail it isn't as easy to envision the phone.

Convergence journalism

Ownership convergence is the ownerships of several outlets by one large media company, in this case NewsCorp. Ownership convergence is characterized by encouraging cross-promotion and content sharing among different platforms.

In the screen shot above, Speed Channel is cross promoting for Fox Sports, both outlets are owned by News Corp.

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  1. A cell phone review is a great example of how the media is taking advantage of visual tools to expand their ability to tell a story. And the screenshot demonstrates how the journalism business model now depends on these kinds of opportunities to cross-promote.