Monday, February 6, 2012

Media Convergence vs. Multimedia Journalism

Media Convergence

The North County Times is a local newspaper from my hometown of San Diego, CA.  The North County Times uses different types of media convergence as a tactic for publishing the news.  According to the text, media convergence is when members of a newsroom work together to produce multiple stories for multiple platforms to reach a mass audience (Quinn, p.4).   Also, with media convergence news consumers have the ability to talk back to the media with interactivity options such as quizzes, polls, and chat rooms.  Specifically with North County Times, readers have the option of subscribing to their daily newspaper or visiting to read the same headlines, as well as have the choice to visit other outlets of news.  On the site there is a link to a story, Baby Born Along Interstate 15, which was originally reported from NBC San Diego.  This type of partnership is known as tactical convergence, which describes the content-sharing arrangements that have arisen among media companies with separate ownerships ( Quinn, p.5).  This allows media outlets to share content, making it easier and more convenient for readers to be exposed to more news stories at once.  The site also offers links to Twitter postings from readers of the North County Times as well as to their blog which offers more stories for readers.

Multimedia Journalism

On the top story of the day was of course about the big win for the New York Giants at the 2012 Superbowl.  Reporters Matt Ehalt and Mike Mazzeo shared their story, Champion Giants Return Home, featuring video, print, pictures, and comments from readers, which is the idea behind multimedia journalism.  This allows reporters to tell a single story using multiple mediums in order to impact the readers and allow them to see a story from different angles.   In this case, the Giants winning the Superbowl was a major headline, so using other mediums along with print was the appropriate way to tell the story.  Print is a useful tactic for telling a story, but in order to impact the readers the most you need to show emotions from the winning team as well.  Ehalt and Mazzeo used video footage, interviewing fans in New York City, and showing their reactions to the big win.  The video is accompanied by a print story, as well as pictures of fans and the players.  At the bottom of the page there is a section where readers can comment on the story and interact with the reporters.  

Bree Cahey

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  1. The North County Times sounds like it is doing a great job of capitalizing on the converged media environment. And the ESPN example highlights how reporters can take advantage of the strengths inherent to various media platforms.