Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lenai Tells the Differnce Between Media Convergence and Multimedia Journalism


According to our textbook Convergent Journalism, media convergence is when members in a newsroom work together to produce multiple products for multiple platforms to reach a mass audience with interactive content, often on a 24/7 scale. The Daily 49er is a perfect example of media convergence and it is one we all know and use. Not only does the daily 49er have a successful newspaper, but it also have its own website, blog, twitter and facebook account. This makes it more accessible for not only students, faculty and staff to see their stories but expands to a much larger audience as well. The biggest benefit of this form of convergence it that now more people are able to interact and give its feedback to the newspaper, which will only make the original paper and all of its many platforms better. As the Daily 49er continues to grow so will its audience. Media convergence is the new way of the future and the new platforms that are being constructed are limitless.


Multimedia journalism is a way of gathering information and reporting stories over mulitiple platforms and overall effectively telling a story. Whether it be through print, broadcast, photography, radio, etc. all forms of media are used. The website abc, I think is a good example of multimedia journalism. Not only does abc have a news broadcast that informs its public of news and live breaking events, but it also has a website that can be used to read detail stories, watch clips, and  see pictures. Then you have the entertainment aspect where it also provides shows for audience members to enjoy. ABC is also afiliated with ESPN, Disney, ABC Family, ABC News, and SOAP Net.

In conclusion, multimedia is a branch of media convergence as well. Both terms are use mutliple platforms to reach their audience. Their overall goal is to have a story told to the public and for the public to keep coming back for more information.

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  1. Good choice of examples and nicely written analysis. Since this is my first semester on faculty, I am a new reader of the 49er. And I'm impressed with the coverage and its great to see the paper taking advantage of so many platforms!