Monday, February 6, 2012

multimedia journalism vs. media convergence

Multimedia journalism is the convergence of all media put into play. In other word, to show a story. Anything from real news to celebrity gossip can be defined as multimedia journalism. Why? There are reporters, anchors, photographers, editors, directors, and producers all working together to reach the same goal. In a typical newsroom, this may be done within an 8-hour shift. E! News, KTLA, etc. have examples of multimedia journalism on their stories within their program.

As explained in class on Thursday, as well as in the book Convergent Journalism, multimedia can be, if you will, branched off of convergence.

Although convergent journalism is a work in progress, it is developing rapidly due to the growth in technological knowledge and interaction worldwide. It has aslso become necessary due to the downfall of the economy. In other words, that news-in-a-box theory is now a necessity what with cellphones and such providing the most information at the palm of your hand. For example, headlines on Twitter posts bring people to the news by linking them to the web and, therefore, to that particular web page where and in wha layout(s) the story lies.

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