Sunday, April 22, 2012

3rd blog update : 2nd. & 4th

Very busy week! Contacted the belmont shore business association on Wednesday and spoke with Dede, but she admitted she didn't know much about bike-friendly Saturdays. On Thursday, I went to the two interviews I set up on 2nd. street. The first interview was with a manager of Jones Bicycle shop who surprisingly told me that he thinks the city could be doing more, and the second was with a cyclist who bikes to work on 2nd. st. After that, I went out Saturday morning to 4th street to interview the manager for Portfolio Coffee House and get her take on how the bike-friendly efforts are going on 4th. Great to finally have people on camera. Since I set up the interviews and interviewed all three people, I also made the video for the group.

The video is on YouTube. (

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