Friday, April 27, 2012

Central Long Beach--Bree Cahey

On Friday, Sylver, Brittany, and Lenai and myself visited a homeless shelter on Anaheim and Pacific Avenue.  The lady in the office was unable to give us a tour, so we set up an appointment to meet with her this Tuesday to get a tour of the facility, as well as hopefully interview one of their long-term residents.  In the meantime, she gave us a very informative packet with information about the facility as well as volunteer information.  We are also going to visit a homeless shelter within our neighborhood and feed the homeless.  We plan to talk to some of the people there and see how these programs have helped them, etc..and generate a print story for our multimedia package.  We are also still working on posting the 90 to 120 second video, as we can't get footage until Tuesday when we get a tour of the homeless shelter.

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