Monday, April 30, 2012

West Long Beach

I spoke with economics professor Kristen Monaco about issues regarding port drayage workers. The meeting was filmed and I will work on editing it this weekend. I'll be editing other footage from the rest of my group members as well. We also had a stroke of luck today as we were able to find video footage we previously thought had been lost.

Our group website is also under development and I'll be brainstorming the layout with my group on Tuesday. This weekend I'll also begin work on the interactive map for the website.

We also plan to go visit West Long Beach again to get more civilian interviews.

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  1. Hi Mark, you are webmaster for, correct?

    You have some issues with the site for your West Long Beach project.

    I'm trying to get to the articles listed on your site:!articles But none of them appear to link anywhere. Fix this so we can all see the good work you've clearly done!

    (Additionally, I tried to send this email using the form on the site, and got the message: "Owner email not sent.")
    - Julia in Oakland