Thursday, April 26, 2012

Live Music On 4th Street

For my portion of the group project, I will be creating an audio podcast of the local music scene on 4th Street Retro Row. The record store, Fingerprints, has weekly performances that are free to the public, as long as they RSVP by calling the store in advance. I visited the store last Wednesday, and saw a live band, called the Allah-Ahs. The Portfolio Coffeehouse also has weekly live music, but with more acoustic style of music, along with jazz. Last Friday CSULB jazz guitarist William Brahm performed and he does every second Friday of the month.  The Pike Bar and Grill also has weekly free live music. For most of the week, they have a DJ, but at least once every two weeks there is a live performance. This audio podcast will kind of mimic a radio show, but is meant to put awareness to the public that there is free live entertainment up and down 4th Street Retro Row.

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