Tuesday, April 24, 2012

West Long Beach

Update # 2
My group and I visited Hudson park, which is located in West Long Beach and looked for both parents and children who are effected by air pollution. This park is located directly across from a rail yard, one that is proposing expansion. We asked those at the park if they knew about the proposal and some who have children who attend Hudson elementary, had no idea and became concerned. We shot video, took photos an also collected audio from these sources. We also visited the ports and drove down the freeways surrounding this area, in order to shoot more video and take photos.

Update # 3

I'm currently working on writing the written piece which will encompass all aspects of the ports effects on West Long Beach. Mark Lemus and I will also be meeting with Professor Monaco on Monday, she's done extensive research on the living conditions and wages of truck drivers. This is a group who is directly effected by the ports on an economic level.

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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to get to the articles listed on your site:
    http://www.wix.com/markplemus/wlbseminar#!articles But none of them appear to link anywhere. Fix this so we can all see the good work you've clearly done!

    (Then, I tried to send this email using the form on the site, and got the message: "Owner email not sent.")
    - Julia in Oakland