Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Our group has re-focused and generated some new story ideas
     First of all, I will be following up on an interview I did with John Cross, President of the West Long Beach Neighborhood association, regarding the train companies BNSF and Union Pacific. Mr. cross left me under the impression that it is not actually the ports but the railroad companies that are presenting the most opposition to clean-air and noise-reduction initiatives.
     Also I checked in with a local neighborhood resource center about the services they offer and possible story ideas stemming from their work with the community.
     The last idea i generated today was a small color story about the renovation of a local landmark.
     For as long as I've lived in downtown, on the corner of 4th and Lime Street there has been an old boarded up building with a painting of a bald eagle on it's side, a giant flagpole, and a sign dubbing itself, "The Pole." A developer named John Schultz has now begun to remodel the old place, and I'm curious as to it's history.

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