Friday, April 20, 2012

Downtown Long Beach Update Week of 4/16

This week we were able to go out and finish shooting the 3rd interview for our video. This was the most successful interview yet because it was with Marek, the owner of Hellada Art Gallery who has been a main organizer of the Long Beach Art Walk since it started in the late 90s. He had all kinds of valuable information about the history of downtown and what sets it apart from the other areas of the city, although he lives in a different area himself. I think we can use a lot of his information for the other aspects of our project, such as the text article.

Now that the rough cut video has been edited and uploaded by Melissa, we are preparing for next week's "Taste of DT LB," where restaurants showcase their food outside with samples and people can go from place to place and see what each restaurant has to offer. We plan on interviewing some restaurant owners/goers before and some after to get a feel for how they expect the event to go, and how they felt about it after attending. We're going to use this for our audio slideshow component.

Aside from setting up interviews with restaurants, Zinaida, Shannon and I are working on the text article, which will focus on improvements to DT LB as a residential area. Shannon plans on interviewing someone from the Downtown Long Beach Association about electing a new board member at the end of May, and I plan on securing interviews with landlords and tenants in the area.

-Sofia Yassine

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