Monday, April 30, 2012

North long beach update, week of 4/26

Our project covering north long beach is covering progressing very well. We are focusing on the two different areas of north long beach. North long beach consists of both district 8 and 9. District 8 contains all of the Bixby knolls area along with some surrounding area. The councilman here is Rae Gabelich. I will be hearing back from her office on Monday in regards to how I can interview her. I will either interview her over the phone or I will have our group meet with her and record the interview. Either way, I will be encompassing this interview into a multimedia element of our project covering this part of north long beach. We also obtained several interviews from buisnesses in the Bixby Knolls area, speaking about what makes the area so unique and different. These interviews, along with the pictures we took, will be essential to the multimedia elements our group will use to cover this area of north long beach. The other part of north long beach is district 9. This area is further north between south street and greenleaf. This area is lower income compared to the Bixby Knolls community. This is the area I will be covering with our groups audio sideshow. This is the area that they came to speak to us about in class. It is sevearly lacking multiples restaurants, buisnesses and markets. Many people here go to neighboring Lakewood or Compton to do their shopping. Councilman Neal emailed our group answers describing the main issues facing his district, and what needs to be done to fix these essential issues. We will be going back into the field this week to focus on the exact points Councilman Neal mentioned to me in his email. With this information I will interview buisnesses in the area and residents, in order to make an audio sideshow covering district 9. Written by: Joshua Saylor

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