Monday, September 10, 2012

Convergence V. Multimedia


In terms of using more than one type of media platform there are many sites out there that utilize media convergence. One of the most popular ones that I've encountered is TMZ. TMZ utilizes blogging, television, radio, and mobile phone apps to get their information to their specified audience. We will never get tired of hearing breaking news about celebrities no matter how much we try to avoid it and TMZ takes this to a completely new level. They have a television show that runs more than twice a day on Fox, a mobile phone app that keeps you up to date with all the happenings in the celebrity world, a web site that showcases some of the stories they didn't show on television, and the creator of TMZ, Harvey Levin occasionally shows up on KROQ's morning show to talk about the latest juicy news regarding celebrities. Recently TMZ has taken one of the aspects of their web site 'TMZ live' and has produced it to a full fledged show that is going to run at 4pm on weekdays starting September 10.


A web site that demonstrated the use of several different types of media all on the same page is one of my favorite web sites to visit, This web site provides up to date information on all the latest news that has to do with film and television. I am a huge movie buff so I frequent this web site to hear about all of the latest casting rumors, as well as new movies that no one has heard about yet. Along with an eye catching front page loaded with videos on the right and banners and pictures on the left, they have a headlines section that is updated almost every hour with new headlines regarding new films. In the middle section of the site they have the top previews section, that when clicked, leads you to the web site of that particular movie so that you can watch the preview for it. They also conduct weekly polls based on different topics. This week's poll is: 'Which wide release in September are you looking forward to the most?' Aside from all that, they have comment boxes on everything they post, so that the audience can post their opinion. They also have a forum where you can sign up with a username to discuss all of the upcoming films and whether or not you hate them or love them. This allows readers to not only see the point of view of the authors of the page, but also regular people just like them. 

Angelica Coronado

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