Monday, September 10, 2012

Convergence VS Multimedia

Media Convergence  
   An example of media convergence can be demonstrated with the online magazine, Vice. If you visit the home page of the magazine, the top left hand corner of the site features three links to Noisey, The Creators Project and The Mother Board. While Vice covers a broad range of topics the three links listed on their site guides audience’s to niche websites, which cover music, art and a video channel. By using this form of convergence it allows Vice to distribute news on different platforms to their audiences. 

     An example of multimedia journalism can be seen inThe Los Angeles Times story, “Two lives Blurred Together By A Photo.” The story includes a two-part print feature covering the life of James Blake Miller a marine who is best known for his “Marlboro Marine” photograph. The Los Angeles times published a traditional piece along with a 16-minute video covering the same story. The video utilized different forms of multimedia including first hand photographs, personal interviews and video.  By using various forms of multimedia The Los Angeles Times is able to grasp a certain depth to the story that the regular print did not hold. 


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  1. Excellent examples. I didn't read the LA Times profile of James Blake Miller. But that compelling photo, and your description of the multimedia elements, convinced me that I need to check it out!