Sunday, September 9, 2012

Media convergence and multimedia journalism

According to Convergent Journalism authors Stephen Quinn and Vincent Filak, there are five types of media convergence: ownership, tactical, structural, information-gathering, storytelling and presentation convergence.

An example of media convergence is through the Philippines’ No. 1 news corporation ABS-CBN. The company eventually sought ownership of movie production company Star Cinema, radio station DZMM and print newspaper Manila Times.

Multimedia journalism involves the many platforms to publish news content. It can also fall under the subgroup of convergent journalism’s information-gathering category as company’s prefer reporters to be multi-skilled in publishing content through different forms of media, ranging from a photo slideshow to video. Multimedia journalism is more so a supplement or enhancement to preexisting news content.

An example of multimedia journalism is through Canadian-New York company VICE Mag. It started off as a print magazine, but today with a 900,000 readership circulation, VICE is even more far-reaching on the internet through video documentaries, music and photo galleries. Most if its writers are responsible for the text and photos of each article.

Both media convergence and multimedia journalism attempt to kill two birds with one stone through audience expansion, while maintaining cost reduction. 

-Katrina Guevara

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  1. Your first example illustrates that convergence is an international trend, not strictly a phenomenon affecting U.S. media. VICE Mag might be a good example because of the online content, but I was looking for an example of a particular story told through various platforms.