Monday, September 10, 2012

Media Convergence:
NBC news which was originally broadcast alone is also a part of MSN web, through this partnership NBC is participating in media convergence.  In this manner NBC is able to connect with a wider audience and better compete with other news organizations.  This gives them greater visibility.  As shown in the following article AP was a contributor to the story which may be more appealing to some audiences that typically wouldn’t turn to NBC for news.  This serves the purpose of media convergence to reach a larger audience and cover areas that may have been previously lacking in either content or viewership.  Through media convergence there is also greater coverage of areas in which news may occur that may have been missed were it not for the convergence of two news media.

Multimedia Journalism:
Multimedia journalism is used in the link provided below.  Taking advantage of having a website the LA Times is able to provide viewers with a slideshow of photographs and captions to tell news stories in a different way.  Besides just the slideshow the LA Times also has a full story on one of the photographs in order to give readers a more in depth view of the current events. Included in the full story is also a short video clip contributed by AP. This type of interactivity will attract some viewers that typically wouldn’t be interested in the story if it were just in print.  The Times produces and reports news across several different formats to better serve the readers and be well represented among its competitors as well.  Having links to social websites also extends the Times’ viewership beyond the average reader.

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  1. MSNBC is definitely a product of industry convergence, and is a good example of "old" media (NBC) teaming up with "new" media (MS). Not sure where you are going with the AP example, but the AP and similar wire services pre-date the convergence trend by many decades, so they aren't relevant.