Thursday, September 6, 2012

Media Convergence and Multimedia Journalism 2012

Media Convergence "is a revolutionary and evolutionary form of journalism that is emerging in many parts of the world," according to Stephen Quinn and Vincent F. Filak the authors of the textbook Convergent Journalism: An Introduction to Writing and Producing Across Media. It is a combination of several media styles into one unit for distributing an intense experience. We now have access to print, radio, television, and the Internet through numerous digital media platforms any time of the day at our hands. An example I found was Yahoo! because they provide videos from various news stations such as KCAL9 News that is a local Los Angeles news station as well as Good Morning America all the way from the "Big Apple" New York City. Aside from that they have articles from the Associated Press relating to health concerns and world news. Today Yahoo! remains to be best known as "the world's most visited home page" because of it's news, finance, video sharing, sports, and of course most popular mail.

Multimedia Journalism captivates the audience with a mixture of images, video, text, and graphics to help tell a story. Now through the use of the Internet everyone can be connected to news coverage within seconds. The key is to present the story in the most persuading and educational way. An example I found was because they have text, video clips, audio, and photographs on the website that are constantly being updated. They also allow their audience to send any breaking news tips, videos and pictures that can be featured on ABC7 Eyewitness News. By doing this readers can now interact through comments online or sending in footage from their personal camera. They also have the Live Mega Doppler 7000 HD for readers to get an animated radar view from the Southland overview to the Ventura County. Whether watching a car chase on television or receiving alerts to your cell phone everyone can now be informed of breaking news immediately.


  1. Your examples are relevant and illustrate emerging trends in journalism. It would have been helpful to point to a specific story on the ABC 7 website for your multimedia journalism example--that's what I was looking for.

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