Sunday, September 9, 2012

Media Convergence vs. Multimedia - Brianda Sanchez

Media Convergence

         Convergence is the process in which several channels operate together. An example of this would be the ABC7 website because in the sports section a viewer, if he chose to, would be able to navigate through ESPN because there is a link to it. Of course this is possible due to the fact that these two channels are owned by Disney. Another example of media convergence is on KTLA's bottom home page, there is a section that you can click on called 'Headlines from Fox News' which will redirected you to the Fox News website.


       Multimedia is the multiple forms of media in which a story is presented. E! Online is a website that incorporates many types of media, you can see recaps of shows and in some special occasions they  stream live events such as red carpets for award ceremonies. Another aspect that they have is that every morning they have a 15-20 minute show online called "Live from E" which talks about the latest celebrity news. This show encourages viewers to "be part" of it by tweeting comments using a hashtag and those comments are then read live on air.


  1. The synergy and cross-promotion between ABC 7 and ESPN is a good example of the impact convergence is having on the media. It sounds like E! Online produces multimedia journalism, but--as I just noted in response to another post--I was looking for an example of a particular story told through various platforms.

  2. The following story from the Los Angeles Times has a link to the KTLA website, this can be considered as media convergence. This happens often between these two media because they are owned by the same corporation, Tribune.