Monday, September 10, 2012

Media Convergence vs. Multimedia Journalism

Media Convergence

Media convergence is the where several media outlets come together and operate together.  An example of this would be the Washington Post.  The Washington Post is partners with other media like Capital Business and Parade magazine.  By working with their partners, stories can be shared from different websites that have a specialization.  For example: the Washington Post works with El Tiempo Latino which brings news to the Hispanic citizens.  They can focus on news that impact the Hispanic citizens in America and share that news on the Washington Post's website.  This helps both organizations because by sharing stories from different sites, traffic can be shared between the two organizations.

Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia journalism is when a single outlet utilizes different styles to tell a story: print, video, and photos.  An example of this would be The Marlboro Marine by the L.A. Times.  This story utilizes audio and photos to tell the story of James Blake Miller.  This better helps tell the story rather than using traditional print.  By using multimedia journalism, readers can visualize what the story is talking about rather than depending on their imagination to picture what is going on.   

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  1. Convergence has definitely opened up opportunities for mainstream media to reach niche audiences, as you note. And I agree that the profile of Miller is far more compelling, thanks to the various platforms employed to tell his story.