Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Media Convergence & Multimedia -Mitch Atkinson

Media Convergence:

An example of media convergence between two different mediums of communication is that between KFI 640’s John and Ken, and KTLA 5’s nightly news. (
KFI is a radio station that frequently hosts a live broadcast from KTLA 5, and KTLA 5 also has a live segment of one of the John and Ken show during the televised broadcast. This allows for television viewers the oppurtunity to see the faces behind the KFI broadcast, and it gives radio listeners the opportunity to get up to date news stories from KTLA’s journalist. These two very different reporting styles give variety to listeners and also provide different contexts for similar stories. John and Ken tend to be very opinionated, and openly Conservative, whereas KTLA tends to be more objective, and newsy. This allows viewers to get a very different perspective whether they are Radio listeners or television viewers. It also is valuable to radio listeners during times of breaking news, as KTLA may have someone on site faster and sooner than KFI may be able to.

Multimedia Example:

An example of a multimedia journalism piece is one by Jeremy Ashkenas, Matthew Bloch, Shan Cartner and Amanda Cox of the NY Times, Titled The Facebook Offering: How It Compares:                      ( is a visual graph that accompanied a story, and allowed for reader to visually see the differences between past companies initial public stock offerings. This infograph is different than a lot of common multimedia, but it combined statistics and relevancy to be a news story in itself. As you scroll through the pages, you are able to see the timeline and graph change, as well as the accompanying text. This makes a story that may otherwise be out of touch with many readers, to be very easy to understand. The magnitude of Facebook’s IPO is easily demonstrated to readers in the infograph. Most mediums being used for this story were blogs and television broadcasts, occasionally utilizing graphs.

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  1. Perfect examples! The graph accompanying the FB article also does an excellent job of incorporating interactivity.