Thursday, September 6, 2012

Media Convergence vs. Multimedia- Eddie Kelly

Media convergence is a rather new trend of producing and reporting news across two or more media outlets simultaneously. Google has produced a rather brilliant app to its android users that is known as "Currents", in which the users are allowed to access a multitude of news agencies from across the world and compare on how each covers a particular story. For example, a user can add news agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press, and ABC News and compare on how each of them has come together under a single app to display their own view on a developing story in the world. An app such as Currents also allows readers to see how different media outlets covers a sporting event like determining between how ESPN covers the upcoming football season versus the way CBS sports covers it. Google Currents also has a "What is trending" section of the app that shows an up-to-date section of what is happening the news from around the world and brings it together onto one page without having to go different websites to find the same bit of information. (

Multimedia is the practice of gathering news and reporting them through different media outlets such as the Internet and television. The Weather Channel is an excellent example of multimedia in journalism because most people look to the Weather Channel for news on weather conditions near their home or wherever they are going. In the online portion of the site they offer incite on activities that are fun for the family along with how weather conditions may effect anything ranging from conventions to sporting events. The Weather Channel also is on TV with their own TV station that shows constant updates of local weather conditions and can be seen on NBC as a reference for news on the weather. As of Aug. 26th, the Weather Channel App has surpassed more than 10 million users which only adds to the number of media in which is can report their news. (

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  1. Good example of convergence. It demonstrates the synergy between technology and audience demand. And the Weather Channel also nicely illustrates the multimedia journalism phenomenon. However, I'm depressed that 10 million people are interested in the temperature, while far fewer follow real news!