Thursday, September 6, 2012

Media Convergence vs Multimedia Journalism

Media convergence is the coming together of technologies and industries to further increase an audience and to more effectively distribute content. A good example of media convergence is TMZ because they promote a great deal of content originated from another organization. However, TMZ seems to be the go-to place for that specific type of news which makes it advantageous to both organizations to use and its other platforms to distribute content.

Multimedia journalism is the coming together of several platforms to more efficiently distribute content. A good example of this is ESPN because they use several distinct media platforms to constantly distribute content to an extremely needy audience. Such platforms include TV broadcast, radio broadcast, web page, and even print.

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  1. While your examples are accurate, I was really looking for more specifics. What other media outlets does TMZ rely on for sharing content? What is an example of an ESPN story that used various platforms (broadcast, print, website, etc.)?