Thursday, September 6, 2012

Exampes of Convergence and Multimedia

Media Convergence example:
Media convergence is a way for journalists and various media outlets to give readers an opportunity to find news in one place. A good example of media convergence would be a site like the Huffington Post. This site aggregates news from various websites, along with their own content, and publishes it to their site in order to have a sort of “one stop shop” for all forms of media. This site is a prime example of the convergence of industries, which is a consolidation of businesses that distribute news. At the bottom of their page they have a list of sites that contribute to the website.

Multimedia Example
A good example of Multimedia convergence would be Facebook. This site allows people to post various things from videos to pictures to articles. In certain situations Facebook can be a good place to get a full story from people posting different links to the same topic. For example, when an earthquake happen someone could post a video of the report, another person can post a link to an article, another person can post pictures of the after math, or someone could post first hand experiences, videos or pictures.   

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  1. HP definitely illustrates newsroom convergence. As I commented in a previous post, this trend creates opportunities and pitfalls for journalists. We will delve into this next week in class. The second trend I wanted you to expand on is multimedia journalism (not multimedia convergence). It is a bit of a stretch to use FB because we are really talking about a single media outlet using multiple platforms to tell a story (like the LA Times publishing a slideshow on the website to accompany a print article). See the distinction between that and multiple FB users posting links?