Thursday, September 6, 2012

Media Convergence and Multimedia: Cesar

Media convergence is the production and reporting of news across two or more different types of media simeltaneously.  An example that I found while researching was .  In this media convergence, it was the Tampa Tribune and WFLA TV where different types of media who joined with TBO in a desperate attempt to save each individual media due to lack of viewership.  TBO is considered to be "fully converged" because of the cohesive way in which the sum of the parts works together.  Readers of the Tribune can watch their stories on WFLA TV and vice versa.  The website also has icons in the top right hand corner of each of the media outlet that is contributing.  You can click on them and it can take you to each page like the Tampa Tribune website for example.  TBO is one of the few media outlets that shares stories which makes it much more conversed.

According to the reading, the practice of gathering news and reporting it across many different media platforms is called multimedia journalism.  I immidiately think about sports and its media.  Fox sports has television, radio, and a website that work together to give something different to each viewer.  Take football for example.  You're obviously going to try to watch the game on Fox sports channel but if you want in depth analysis or even a very thorough pregame show you may want to turn on the radio where they will be reporting the game.  What if you want to watch some highlights?  Then you would go to the website and just search the game and you would have easy acess to it.  There are also other forms of media like phone applications and social media like twitter that are available.  So if you're cant' seem to find the game that you are looking for on tv or online, then you can always look at some twitter updates or score alerts provided through

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  1. Excellent example of convergence being employed as a means of staying afloat and meeting audience demand. And Fox Sports is doing a great job of engaging sports fans and driving them to various platforms.