Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Media Convergence vs. Multimedia Journalism: Kellie Reince

Kellie Reince

Example of Media Convergence:

MSNBC is a convergence of journalism with NBC News and MSN Online- combining TV and Internet.
The convergence of media is a unique production of content through different platforms simultaneously.  It is the practice of producing and reporting news across two or more media outlets. It allows an expansion of news coverage beyond traditional forms of broadcast or print journalism.
The website combines the worldwide resources of NBC News with the technology of Microsoft to provide news and information tailored for the online information age. The site delivers extensive coverage of the TV Broadcast with constant updates of major events, global issues, local news and much more. The website displays information that was previously offered exclusively through NBC and CNBC’s television network. MSNBC on the Internet is leading the way in the convergence of television with Internet to reach a broader audience.

Example of Multimedia
The text defines multimedia journalism as the practice of gathering news and reporting it across multiple media platforms. It is a form of media accompanied by an alternative form in order to extensively convey information in engaging ways.

“Post secret” is a form of multimedia journalism. First, “post secret” started out as a print form of journalism where the global public wrote down their personal secrets on a card and anonymously mailed them to a man named Frank. When Frank started receiving thousands of secrets via mail, he utilized another media platform to share these secrets with the world, while keeping the sender’s anonymity. Frank created the “post secret” blog and published the many secrets that people keep inside. Now, millions all over the world view his blog. “Post Secret” continues to gather information through writing, report it through the Internet, and share it through YouTube videos and social media.

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  1. Definitely agree that MSNBC illustrates the trend of media convergence. Post secret is an Interesting example...Not sure I consider mail a print media "platform"--it certainly isn't mass media! But YouTube and social media are distinct platforms.