Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Media Convergence vs. Multimedia Journalism: SHIMA RAZIPOUR

An example of a media convergence that has become quite popular among iphone users is INSTAGRAM. The new social application Instagram, allows for friends to share their images with one another and use several tools to edit, enhance, and better their photos. Users of instagram can then SHARE their photos with facebook, email, twitter, tumblr, etc. Furthermore, many celebrities have become users of the social application which allows for them to connect with fans and share their personal lives. Since instagram can be uploaded on a number of websites, it has become quite popular for gossip sites and celebrity magazines to track celebrity’s lives as well. Media convergence is the idea of being able to communicate and share information with people. This form of media convergence allows for followers of these people to be able to stay “connected” and apart of these people’s lives from where they go, what they do, or even what they eat.  (Link:  http://instagram.com/)

Multimedia Journalism is considered the “practice of gathering news and reporting it across multiple media platforms. This was seen several months ago when a youtube clip was released regarding KONY. The video first aired on YOUTUBE- a site that allows users from all over the world to upload videos that can be “shared” anywhere. The youtube clip was then released on news sites, twitter, blogs, and even through email. People were able to first see the video for themselves, research information regarding it online, and then share it with friends on facebook. The ability to learn more, share information, and even help this organization through many media platforms allowed this to become a form of media convergence. Also, another reason why the KONY video became so inspirational for people was the idea of how EASY it was to help change the lives of these children. Many web links showed where people could donate or simply SHARE the information. (http://www.greenvillemarketinglab.com/internet-marketing/the-impact-of-social-media-and-kony-2012/)





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  1. Instagram is an interesting example, but personal photos don't actually qualify as news items!

    And, yes, the KOBY video went viral and was disseminated across various online platforms. But that isn't what we mean by multimedia journalism. If TIME magazine wrote an article about KOBY and created a broadcast and slideshow to accompany the print article, that would be multimedia journalism. See the distinctions?