Thursday, September 6, 2012

Media Convergence & Multimedia Journalism: Kendra A.

Media Convergence 

Media convergence, according to Wilkinson, Grant and Fisher, is the practice of producing and reporting news across two or more media simultaneously. Though there are many different types of media convergence, such as ownership, information and storytelling convergence, the most popular form of convergence is one news source providing multiple media platforms of the same information, even if they come from a different news site. As journalism develops to suit the digital age, various news providers are seeking out different ways of providing more in-depth coverage that was not possible before the internet. The story I linked below, which is the LA Times linking its audience to KTLA broadcast coverage of a story they have covered on their website, is an example of storytelling convergence in the media. The Huffington Post, and other news aggregators like Yahoo and Google News, also use media convergence as their main outlet for providing news.,0,2581368.story

Multimedia Journalism 

Multimedia journalism is a new form of storytelling in which a traditional news outlet which was originally in one format, such as a print newspaper, a radio station or broadcast news program experiments with different mediums to draw audiences to their websites and other types of publishing formats. It is one form of media convergence that is commonly used among bigger news sites to keep their readers on their sites and develop loyalty as a news source and brand if they are able to provide more types of content in creative ways. The example I provided in the link below is a print and radio broadcast by NPR about a bridge that has the potential to be converted into a park which would connect two cities in Washington, D.C. It is a good example of multimedia journalism because NPR has only recently began exploring news depth with their news coverage and techniques once their website gave them the outlet to do so.

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  1. Nice examples. I checked out the NPR piece and the sketch/photos are very useful supplements to the audio piece.