Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bad/Good Photos (kellie reince)

Kellie Reince

     This photo was recently uploaded by the LA Times, and is an example of a good photo.

     There are several components that make this photo a candidate for an outstanding picture. First, the subject matter places emphasis on all the right elements. The expression on the man holding the woman creates a curiosity within the viewer; wondering what happened to her. The evident contrast in age between both subjects allows the photo to tell a story, which is important in capturing a good photo. 

     Also, the lighting and shadows are appropriate for the setting. This picture was taken at a perfect distance that enabled details to be shown while still showing the full picture. Lastly, this photo embodies a unique way of using the background to shape the scene through its architecture and cultural markers.


     This is another example of a good photo.
This photo was taken by the Associated Press at the Pan American games in Rio De Janeiro, 2007.

     The use of natural light when capturing this moment really adds to the quality of this action shot. 

As for the frame, since the runners are in motion, a vibe of being “in-the-moment” makes this picture unique. Each runner in the frame displays a different emotion and pose. The varying facials expression on the subjects shows their strength and competitiveness. The runners are the center of the photo, as they should be. 


This is an example of a bad photo.
This photo was taken and posted by Rolling Stones of the group Delta Rae preforming. 

What makes this photo so terrible is primarily the lighting and distance. The photographer should have never allowed the shadows and darkness of the room take over the photo. 

     This could be corrected by capturing it closer to the subjects. Since it is so far away, it is difficult to see the expressions of their faces- which really takes away from the story this picture should tell. Lastly, the composition of shooting this picture is off. This photo is crooked and the contrast between the stage and crowd takes away from it.


This is another example of a bad photo.
This photo was taken off a travel blog website.

The location of this photo is nothing worthy of being called a good photo. In fact, the lady adds very little to it as well. Both lack any detail or tell any kind of a story. 

This picture could be corrected by trying out a different angle, and having the lady on the side of the photo- to embody more scenery. By having the subject in the center, it makes us wonder why. Also, the woman should be facing the light so she isn’t underexposed and drowned out with shadow. 

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  1. Nice examples. And I agree with your analyses!