Monday, October 8, 2012

Examples of Good and Bad Photos by Ben Novotny

                                                          Bad Photos:

                         Obviously this photo of President Obama and Mitt Romney at the debate last Wednesday is a very bad photo. Not only is it a bad photo because both candidates eyes are closed, but Obama's left hand being raised and the slanting of the text of the bottom give the phto a very ackward feeling. It's also uneven because Obama's photo is larger than Romney's.

                    This other photo from the debate is also very bad. The President looks like he's sleeping, while we have no idea where Romney is looking at or who he's poinging at.

                                                       Good Photos:

            Now this photo from the debate is a good photo because it shows the President and Mr. Romney looking straight at each other. Both candidates are almost squarely centered inside the picture, and both do not have ackward expressions on their face, unlike the last 2 photos.

                This photo from a 2008 Democratic Primary debate between then Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is an excellent photo because it shows the two candidates engaging in conversation. You can tell where each of them are looking, and both of them are placed side by side evenly within the photo.

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  1. I like your political examples! Thoughtful critique, as well.