Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Critique

Photo Critique

This is an example of a good photo. The use of black and white is very effective in setting a mood. The black and white also creates definition not only in the subjects white hair and eyebrows but also defines the harmonica.  The eyes and hands are very prominent and the subject is not centered. Harmonica Man's wrinkled hands and forehead, clear eyes, wiry hair, and corduroy jacket create tons of texture that all work together to make this a great photo.

This iconic photo of Mickey Mantle throwing his helmet is an example of a good photo. Mantle and his helmet are in the foreground while you are able to see the many people in the stands in the back ground. While I already know that Mantle is throwing his helmet in anger, I think that someone who did not know that could get it from the photo.

Aside from this photo looking like it was taken at a JCPenney photography studio, the floor paper is torn, which is very distracting. The flag in the background does absolutely nothing beneficial for the picture as his uniform clearly says he is from the USA. Taking the photo straight on highlights gymnast Jonathan Horton's arm muscles, but his toes are too close to the camera. This photo is all around cheesy.

 This is a photo of a couple on their wedding day and the venue where the wedding was held. The photo is blurry, unfocused, does not highlight the couple nor the venue, and is not taken from a point where the building is centered. The photographer admitted that the couple's photographs were "awful."

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  1. Nice diversity in your examples. The portrait of the harmonica player is startling in its detail. And that wedding photo must have been incredibly disappointing to the couple!