Monday, October 15, 2012

Good Photos V. Bad Photos


These two pictures are prime examples of good photography.
The top photo centers around a woman's face as she is surrounded by other women shrouded in black. The contrast of the black clothing with the light face of the woman immediately draws you're attention to the center of the photo. The fact that it is in black in white makes it more powerful.
The second photo depicts a barrage of clowns. The effects used in the photo make it all the more creepy. The photo is taken at a crooked angle making the clowns look taller and as if they were coming right at you and the color in the photo is faded so as to make the colors of the clowns stand out more.


These two photos are examples of bad photography.
The top photo is barely recognizable as two people walking down what appears to be a street. The photo is blurred to the point where the shapes of the people walking are barely distinguishable. Blurring of a photo should only be used to the extent where it adds something to the photo, not takes away from it. To fix this photo I would have focused the camera more.
The second photo is an example of how NOT to use Photoshop and other photo altering programs. The enhancing of the lights on the truck looks terrible and if I were to fix this photo I would start with removing the effects on the lights and perhaps brightening up the photo so it wouldn't look as dull.

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  1. Ok, that clown photo is so creepy that is almost disturbing! I love the first example of the women/contrast. Nice images and critiques.