Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photos: Good vs. Bad -Mitch Atkinson

Good Photos:

This photo has a great angle and lighting for a live action photo. The photographer shooting from below gives these already big men an even larger appearance. The composition of shooting through the chain link octagon, gives context to the photo.
This photo is a well composed and well lit photograph. It captures the subject's emotion and it does not allow for distraction. The subjects face and gear give even more context to the photograph.

Bad Photos:

This is a bad photo because: It is over exposed, it is not straight, and it is too far for any detail, but too close to give a good landscape shot of the area. This shot would have worked best as a close-up of just a portion of the structure.
This is a bad photo because: The group is shadowed and the group is off centered, but not enough to give any more composition or context to the photo. A photo with the group facing the sun, and zoomed out a little more would have corrected these two problems.

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  1. Your examples are very appropriate. The portrait is powerful, and your suggestions would certainly benefit the bad photos!