Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good vs. Bad Photography

This is an example of bad picture. I understand that the photographer was just trying to get a picture of them, and it is hard to take a photo of them in a crowd. However, if the photographer change 3 things, the photo will be nicer. 1. When taking a picture of someone, make their eyes toward the camera so that viewer feel the emotion from the eyes. 2. Use the plain background for this case to shows off the subject, so the picture would be simple and clear. 3. Centering their body to make the photo look more visually appealing.

This is not such a bad picture but to make this photo better, the photographer can 1. get closer before taking the picture and zoom in on the subject so that the photo gives an impact to viewers. 2. move the subject away from the middle of the photo to make it look good. 3 Get shallow depth of field to make the subject stand out. 

This is an example of good picture. I like this photo because the photographer held the camera at the person's eye level so that I feel personal emotion and the photo can have an big impact. Also, the photographer locked the focus with the subject so it shows off the subject well.

I like this photo because it tells me what was happened and wants me to know about it. I think it is most important for the photographer to gives ideas and thoughts to viewers through the image. Photos like this one can tell the story without text. 

 Chie Uraki 

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