Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Good/Bad Photos, by Eddie Perez

Good Photos
I think this is a good photo because it centers in on the emotion being displayed by the soldier and his loved one. The photographer also centered the main objects – the soldier and the woman – in the foreground. The helicopter blowing up dust in the background also helps you zero in on the main objects in the picture.

Here is a picture I took at the Japanese Garden on campus. I believe it is a good picture because it captures the serenity you feel when you are in the garden. In my opinion, this scene would not be good if it was focused on on single object. Stepping back to capture the entire view was essential.

Bad Photos
This is a photo I took of a statue in Chinatown in Los Angeles. I took it with my iPhone camera. The first thing I would change to improve the picture is adjust the lighting: I would make it brighter because this one is too dark. Secondly, I would zoom in more on the statue, making it the focus of the picture without the buildings in the background and the people walking by. Thirdly, I would take an angle of the statue, to get it from a profile view instead of a straight ahead shot.

This is as picture I took of the sign at the entrance of the LA Times building in downtown LA. First of all, the reflections on the glass doors are distracting. I would get rid of these. Secondly, I would zoom in on the sign itself more, since it is the main object of the photo. Finally, it would be ideal if this picture was tken at an angle, so the sign won't be front and center. It needs to follow the rule of thirds.

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  1. Nice critiques and enjoyed seeing your photography, too.