Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Critique

Photojournalist Michael Goulding is an excellent example of a great photograper. He uses a variety of techniques to tell a story. His photos are filled with emotion and creativity.
Good - The Lakers photo demonstrates great use of technique. The blurring of the background or “bokeh” makes the action in the photo really standout. I love the emotion being displayed. The clarity and quality of the action is also wonderful. It makes you feel like the game is happening right in front of you.

Good - Here is another great photojournalism image from Goulding of young children floating in a pool. The photo captures the story of small children learning how to safely turn over in a pool to avoid drowning. 
The angle of the photo is one of the best aspects of this photo. He positioned the camera just right to get the kids face-on. The expression on their faces and the lighting of the image is perfect.  You feel their emotion, and are drawn to the variety of colors in the photograph. The action fills the photo, there is not too much empty space, which might make the photo unappealing. 

Bad - An example of bad photography is this image of the upcoming Vice Presidential debate on the Huffington Post. It does not invoke any emotion or feeling for me. It just shows an empty room. It would have been more powerful if they had some type of action going on in the image or if it was a close up shot with the eagle and microphones as its focal point. This photo could have been a lot more interesting. 

Bad - Joe Klamar took an array of Olympic portraits, which were highly scrutinized for their “amateur” quality. The photo below shows an unflattering image of one athlete. The angle and close up shot lacks dimension. It portrays no emotion or action. The lighting is also very gloomy. The photo does not represent what an Olympic athlete is supposed to represent. It is not powerful.  

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  1. Thanks for the nice examples and thoughtful critique. (The floating babies are really cute, too!)