Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Photo critique

This picture is good because it is a subject that represents a culture - a group of youths in Palestine having fun. The photographer has obviously got to know the subjects to know why they are jumping over objects and what their sport is exactly all about. The photographer has captures a moment which makes the image out of the ordinary.

Contrast in the photograph - the young woman is dressed in beautiful clothes and makeup but has an unhappy look on her face. The portrait is up close - something which many photographers make the mistake of not doing. The photo is taken just of her face, which makes it more interesting than if it was of her whole body. Her expression is also really interesting.

An expression of gesture captures that is 'out of the ordinary' would have made this photo more interesting. The photographer could have got closer to the tv viewers. The photo doesn't really convey the mood of the story - getting closer to the students in the picture would make it better. Also a better use of lighting would make it more appealing and striking.

Use of background subjects would make this photo better, as it needs to be in context. A contrast between a 'normally dressed' person and the poorly dressed girl would create interest. Showing several photographs of different people in bad fashion would show a broader snapshot of the community.

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