Sunday, October 7, 2012

Good and Bad Photos

I found this photo on free and thought that this was a good photo because of the intensity it brings to the eye. I think that this is a good photo because it tells the story in a nut shell: riot. The picture is also good because it made me want to read about what was going on in the photo. There was no author attached to the photo. 
Another Good Picture:
I think that this is a good picture because I like pictures that are full of human emotion. I think photos with emotion are more catchy overall. This photo has a background full of emotion with the President's family happily clapping and then you have the front and center President that is showing strong emotions during his speech. I found this photo on the Daily Mail and it is a getty image. 
A Bad Photo:

I really think a lot of paparazzi photos are bad photos because they are obviously not throughly thought out and like in this one look like the photographer was just interested in getting a picture of Harry Styles from the band New Direction. Here is a list of changes I would advise on this picture: 1. The photographer should of got more of the background in the picture to show more of a story line here. I think that if the picture had the background in it (maybe he was at a coffee shop?) then it would be more personable and interesting.  2. I think that a more emotional shot would make this picture more human and more interesting. It looks pretty boring to just see Harry walking down the street. I am sure the photographer here from Rex could have had a better shot of him saying something or showing some  kind of emotion. 3. I would also change this photo in that he should not be the very center of the photo because then the photo has no dimension to it. I am sure the singer was walking with a group or someone.  In all, just seeing the singer is not very interesting photography to me. I found this photo on the Daily Mail website.
Another Bad Photo:
I think that faceless kissing shots are not very useful or powerful in photography. The photo gives very little interesting information. I would change this photo in 3 different ways: 1. I would try to get a snap shot of their faces not just their side profile. I think faces are eye catching and serve a better purpose in photos because they give more information. 2. I think the photo is too centered and that makes the photo less powerful. I would change the angle of the shot. 3. I think the pole in the photo is distracting and should be not shot.  This photo is from Gonzalo/ and found on the Daily Mail website.

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  1. Interesting examples and thanks for the detailed, thoughtful critique. I agree that the riot police shot is very dramatic!