Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photo Critique- Eddie Kelly

Good Photo #1

This photo depicting Felix Baumgartner in the foreground is an excellent photo because it shows the center of focus to be off to the right instead of dead center.  In the photo Baumgartner is prepping himself for the 23 mile drop from the stratosphere in which he hopes to set a new world record for hitting the speed of sound during free fall.  The picture shows the immortality that Baumgartner will obtain if he succeeds with the jump from the pod hanging in the background of the photo.

Good Photo #2

Jerry Sandusky is shown here being escorted in by an officer to the Centre County Courthouse before being sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison on charges of sex abuse.  This photo is an excellent example of how this story has been a major issue in the news this year.  Sandusky is being brought before a sea of photographers that snap every move he makes when walking to the courthouse.  The red jumpsuit worn by Sandusky in handcuffs shows the reality of the situation as he is brought for his arraignment.

Bad Photo #1

This photo is an example of a bad photo because it’s too close to the action of the scene and doesn’t show the full scope of the two playing with the soccer ball.  The photo is supposed to be showing the last fleeting moments of summer being enjoyed by the two boys playing while at the beach.  The extreme close-up should’ve been changed to a medium shot that could’ve had more of the beach in the scene to depict summer fun being enjoyed.  The center of focus could be moved lower in the picture so that more of the beach and the other player can be more involved with the story.  I would have had more of the background to the photo showing the other beach goers applying sun block so that viewers of the photo know that it is still summer in the picture.

Bad Photo #2

This is another example of a bad photo because it fails to show the full impact of what was going on in the story.  The photo is supposed to represent a surfing competition between dogs in Huntington Beach but lacks the context in which it was taken.  The photographer should’ve shown a wide angle shot that included more dogs, possibly on the beach, and a sign showing the event.  The dog in the photo seems to be having fun but without a caption to the photo, someone looking at the picture could think that it was just another dog going surfing instead of a competitor at a surf competition.

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  1. Your examples are appropriate and you make some interesting observations.