Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Picture critiques

This first image shows 5-year-old Ethan Yenulonis of Costa Mesa at the Aquarium of the Pacific. The article explains how the Long Beach aquarium helps the city generate money and provide jobs. While the picture isn't terrible, I believe it has the potential to create a more drastic impact on the eye. What I would have done differently is center the focus more on the seals, and angle the camera from the boy's perspective. I would still have shown the boy, but if the shot was taken more-so behind the boy's head and from his angle looking up at the seal, it would create a more personified angle for the viewers.

I wanted to find a larger version of this picture, but one wasn't available. This picture was used on a story about single/divorced parents in the community. I wasn't fond of this picture for various reasons. First, the subjects' have their backs turned to the camera. While a family photo isn't the most exciting, a family photo showing only their backs is less exciting. Second, a closer and more interactive shot of the family would show more grab the reader more because of the emotion captured.

Above is Jerry Sandusky the day he was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison. The picture is well-focused and the photographers and reporters shown behind add drama to the picture. It is a clear shot, and one with many points of interest.

The photo above was used in a story about the New Orlean's Saints. It is a great action shot. The picture is very clear. I love that they are only a couple feet from the ground, and one of the player's helmets is nearly slipping off of his face, making his facial expression partly visible. This adds some impact and tension to the picture.

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  1. Nice examples and thoughtful critiques.I agree that the aquarium shot has the potential to be much more interesting.