Monday, October 8, 2012

Good VS. Bad

The photograph posted by the Associated Press shows the reality of war, but is far too gruesome to post to the general public.  The content is unethical to post and the photograph it self is blurred, and doesn’t demonstrate good photography

This photograph taken from the San Francisco, Chronicle from Obama's recent visit to the city is an example of bad photojournalism. The photograph's lighting is too dark, and even has a glare on the upper right hand corner. Along with the lighting there isn't much of a focal point for the viewer. 

This recent photograph of the Endeavor taken in Los Angeles is an example of good photography. The photograph is able to capture the importance of the space craft with the crowd of people in front of the space craft, as well as  giving the viewer a perception of how large it is. 

This photograph taken by a New York Times photograph for a human interest feature is an example of good photography. The photograph captures the emotion and poor living conditions this child lives in.  The photograph also demonstrates the "rule of thirds" and clear enough to see details in the setting. 

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  1. Nice examples and critique (although not sure whether the content of a photo is "ethical" is relevant to the assignment!)