Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Critiques

Good Photos:

I found this photo on the Huffington Post. It is of a naked protester running through the Syntagma Square at a demonstration. It is a great example of a photo that shows action. The photographer snapped this photo perfectly so that you can tell the man is running, as well as not expose him. This one photo tells a strong story. It gives you a rare glimpse into what is happening there. Even though there is police in the background it doesn't take away from the subject of the photo, instead it adds to the photo.  The photo is also a good example of good framing and composition. It follows the rule of thirds and the subject of the photo is not in the center of the photo. (Photo by Milo Bicanski/Getty Images)

This second photo is also a great photo. I found this photo posted in the Los Angeles Times to go along with an article about a 14 year old Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking out in support of education for women. I think this photo is great because it is compelling and powerful. It does everything a photo should; it invokes emotion. I think it is also great because of the way the photographer focused on the main subject of the photo (the photo of the girl being held up) and slightly blurred almost everything around it out in a way to show that there is a crowd of people mourning for her, yet not allow them to take the focus away. (Photo by Rehan Khan/European Pressphoto Agency)

Bad Photos: 

I thought that this photo was bad mainly because of the way it was cropped, along with the lighting. The photo looks unprofessional and it looks as thought it was cut off accidently. To make it better, I would first show the whole photo so that it does not look accidently cut off. Secondly, I would try taking the photo in different angles to get the best lighting possible. (Photo by Aurelio Jose Barrera)

I found this photo in the LA Times posted with an article about student voting. I think this photo is bad because of the composition/framing, the lighting and the focus. First, the composition of the photo is bad, it breaks the rule of thirds and the focus is more towards the middle. The lighting is also bad because the photo is too bright and it makes it look unprofessional. To fix it I'd make sure to take the photo at an angle where the sun isn't beaming on the subjects. Lastly, I think all the people around the girl (the subject of the photo) really distract from the focus. The clipboards are in the way and almost cutting the girl off. I think there is too much clutter in the photo and it is taking away form the focus. (Photo by Rick Loomis/Lost Angeles Times)

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  1. Your two good photos definitely illustrate the power of images. Your bad photo examples would be much-improved based on your suggestions.